Will my Pacer/Defibrillator keep me from working in the OR?

  1. I was recently implanted with an AICD in June after experiencing Vtach with Cardiac Arrest. i am still working as a nurse full time on a medical/surgical unit with no problems. I applied and interviewed as a circulator in the OR. I won't know until the end of next week if I got the job or not. But will having the device keep me from being in the OR?
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  3. by   swilds12
    I currently work in an OR as a scrub. Soon ill be a circulator. As a circulator and even as a scrub if circulators have to scrub I can't imagine it being a problem. With Bovies (electocautery) the patient is grounded, but other than that i cant see why not. Check with your doctor.
  4. by   heartlover
    I know a scrub tech who has a pacemaker and she has no difficulty working in the OR. Obviously you would want to make sure you are healthy enough to work and withstand the long hours and being on your feet most of that time. And of course don't touch a patient or anything touching a patient while defibrillating! But that's for all of us!