What kind of surgeon performs fingernail surgery?

  1. What kind of surgeon performs fingernail surgery for an ingrown fingernail?
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  3. by   fracturenurse
    A manicurist??? LOL

    Seriously though, I guess plastics or a hand surgeon...
  4. by   20mom10
    a Podiatrist?
  5. by   tring520
    A hand surgeon.
    I've seen toenail surgery done by a podiatrist. It took about 10 minutes.
  6. by   MamaCheese
    If a podiatrist does ingrown toenails then I suppose a hand surgeon would do ingrown fingernails. That would be my guess
  7. by   maeyken
    We have a couple family docs who come in to do the occasional ingrown toenail. I've never seen a plastic surgeon do an ingrown fingernail, but I suppose they could. I would think that a family doc could do it in their office though!

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