What are the duties of a pre-op nurse?

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently working in a Neuro ICU, and was considering pre-op, just for something different.
    I was hoping to get some information about pre-op and the duties involved from other pre-op and OR nurses. Any information and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   brownbook
    It can vary per type of surgery center, outpatient, inpatient, type of surgery, state, etc. I will probably forget some obvious things. And there is a lot of controversy regarding marking the side of the body and witnessing the consent.

    1) Bring the patient back.

    2) Change into hospital gown.

    3) Confirm hours NPO, confirm they have a ride home (name and phone number in the chart).

    4) Witness their signing of the OR consent, and that they have a basic understanding of what the surgeon is going to do.

    5) Mark the side of the body the surgery will be on.

    6) Start their IV.

    7) Check surgeon orders or per your protocol, put on SCD's, give antibiotics, shave or prep the area.

    8) Check all the paper work. Is the surgeon's history and physical within 30 days. Is there lab work or EKG's (if needed) in the chart. If child bearing age is there a pregnancy test.