WBC Elevation

  1. Why else, besides infection, would WBC be elevated after surgery, if it's not yet been 24 hours? If the pt has no temp or s/s of infection, do they elevate from the procedure and the trauma of the incision, etc.?
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  3. by   inspir8tion
    "An elevated number of white blood cells is called leukocytosis. This can result from bacterial infections, inflammation, leukemia, trauma, or stress"

    This is from the website below, I used it all thoughout nursing school as a guide.

  4. by   Irishgirl
    I asked the surgeon & he said the location of the surgery & inflammation caused the slightly elevated counts; also he gave steroids prior to surgery. That website seems very handy, I've bookmarked it, thanks!
  5. by   inspir8tion
    Right, surgery is considered trauma. You're welcome