Tissue Tracking

  1. I'm a new nurse in the Operating Room and just completed my orientation. I was wondering how tissue tracking was done in other hospitals. I feel like our method of tissue tracking is very tedious. We have to sign in and out of a binder who took the tissue, who witnessed you taking the tissue, etc. Then we enter in all the information in the patient's record, and take a sticker from the tissue box and place it on a separate sheet of paper with the patient's information. I just feel like there could be an easier way.
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  3. by   fracturenurse
    Do I work with you??? LOL We do it the same way. The sticker goes in the binder and on a separate form. It's really a pain. Very tedious. We don't have to sign who witnessed us taking the tissue though.
  4. by   pzea
    Fully agree...know exactly what you are going through, the process is painful indeed..A good tissue tracking system would probably help..a lot of hospitals are now doing so to be compliant with the new regullations imposed..