1. I recently began working as an OB tech at a new hospital after working for 15 years at another hospital in the same position, but with a different title. I am a Certified Surgical Technologist with 15+ years in c- sections. When I started my new job, the RN who was first assisting informed me that the inside of the drape pocket was was not considered sterile and that I couldn't place the yankauer suction tip and tubing into the pocket. I tried explaining that the pocket was sterile unless it was compromised with a hole. But, she was trained that it was unsterile. Please, someone back me up on this.
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  3. by   jeckrn
    Is it lower than the OR table?
  4. by   CSTINVA
    The pocket is part of the sterile drape. It is on the side to collect blood and fluid. So, the pocket does hang lower than the OR table which makes the outside unsterile, but the inside of the pocket is still sterile.
  5. by   ggoodman
    I would prefer it stay a field level, so if I were your nurse id say somthing but it does seem a grey area. in which case i would go conservative