Preoperative Nursing Questions

  1. I am a new graduate with 3 months of Critical Care experience and completion of training/orientation. Unfortunatley, I have had to leave this job due to personal reasons.

    I am interested in finding the right fit for myself, as I approach my return to work. I am interested in working in a pre-operative area, and I am curious of what type of training that involves, the job description and if there would even be a possiblilty of acquiring a job in this field as a new grad.

    What are the differences in preoperative nursing in a same day setting, as opposed to a hospital environment.

    I would be so grateful to anyone who could clarify this for me and enlighten me regarding this issue.:spin:
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  3. by   Chilly_hands
    My facility, or my boss really, requires that an RN hired for Ambulatory Surgery, or pre-op, has two years of med-surge experience. I was hired as a new grad but had worked in the department as a secretary. I am required to hold CPR and ACLS and be certified in moderate sedation. I've done okay, it's been a year, but I know first hand why they do want someone with med-surge experience. Because of this, I've picked up a weekend job on a med-surge floor to enhance my skills. If you can find a job that will hire you, you'll enjoy the variety, but it is fast paced. Good luck.