Preop Question

  1. I have spent the past 8 hrs working as an ER RN. I saw an opening posted for a preop part time position. The recruiter told me the shift is 7a-330p with possible overtime depending on cases scheduled.

    My question is is if I do part time which is 2 days a week how on earth does one make a decent income? 16 hrs isn't much at all. Also does that mean full time is Monday-Friday? Are there any 12
    hr preop shifts or is that rare?

    On another note, if I considered part time OR are those typically 8 hr shifts as well?
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  3. by   Argo
    It varies wildly. IN the OR the 8, 10 and 12s are all common. Usually bigger hospitals have more 12 hour options. Pre-op is pretty basic stuff and yeah it will be mostly 8's. In a lot of ORs when the clock strikes 1500 the OR nurses will preop their own patients unless it's a surgery center.