Passive/Aggressive Nurse Managers

  1. Does anyone have an issue with this in their operating room? Do you think that assignments are made to "penalize" someone for calling out, not agreeing with management, personality conflicts, etc. If so, how would you deal with this situation. Thanks for your comments!:wink2:
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  3. by   GadgetRN71
    Yup, I've seen it and had it happen to me. The first thing you should do is document. Then I usually calmly confront the offender/s so they can't claim they didn't know there was an issue. If you have a union, certainly utilize them..

    I've been dealing with passive aggresive some cases, these people are under me on the food chain, but somehow they think they run the place..I tried dealing with this on a personal level but now, I have been using my union.. the phrase "hostile work environment" sometimes works wonders. Sometimes, you can't worry about being liked, if you are getting walked all over. Good luck!