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  1. Hi OR nurses, I need help. I am taking classes to finish my BSN. My current assignment requires me to collaborate with a colleague who is in the same field as where I am doing my Practicum. I just finished 120 hours at an OP surgery center in a hospital. This was all totally new to me. I need someone to answer me today or tomorrow so that I will have completed my assignment.

    Has HIPAA impacted your practice very much?
    If so, what are you having to do differently?

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  3. by   chartleypj
    HIPPA has heightened my awareness of a patient's right to confidentiality. Our holding room is one large room with drapes separating each pt. slot. This makes a pre-op assessment including asking the pt. many questions even more challenging. I find myself speaking very softly to patients in an effort to comply. All paperwork including any patient name is now put in a special bin to be shredded. All communication between the surgeon and the patients' legally designated family member/friend is held in a conference room adjacent to the surgical waiting area.