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  1. I have an interview on 1/10/02 for acceptance into an OR Training Program with a local hospital. Can anyone please give me whatever advice possible on how to ace the interview? I have been an RN for 8 1/2 yrs, working with the geriatric population, and I want to do something more exciting. My career is becoming stagnant and I need advice from experienced OR nurses on how to snag a place in this program.
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  3. by   huckfinn
    Show them how excited you are to have this opportunity. Show them you want to learn new things. You really like challenges. You are especially good at dealing with difficult and demanding personalities. You have a demonstrated ease with problem solving and advanced technologies.

    If these things apply to you, you will be their top choice for this position. If the above doesn't sound good to you or doesn't apply to your personality profile you shouldn't even bother with the interview. You will wash out of the program or if you make it you will hate the O.R.

    If you pass the interview and procede with the training.........
    Lose all preconceived expectations you have and go in ready to learn. To those you meet YOU KNOW NOTHING! You must focus on principles of your new knowledge and know that there are many ways to achieve the same result as long as the principles are applied.
  4. by   nursebetti2001
    Hi Susan,
    I think that HuckFinn had some good pointers. If at interview time you share that enthusiasm to learn something new and challenging, you will be golden! The OR is an interesting place to work. We have a nurse intern program in our OR and have recruited from many different specialty areas. Remember as you go through the program that OR nursing is very different from any other nursing specialties. You either love it or you don't. Good luck.
  5. by   mi3sons
    hope i am using this right! this site is great, i have been looking for information and advice on possibly interviewing for the new or program at my facility. it will be 6 months long with a 2 year
    committment. is that standard? i have had a few ( you know in this biz they just tell you what you do wrong, no career guidance!) other rn's tell me i have the personality for the or,
    strong, not one to take it from other people, hardworker etc. not
    trying to bragg, it's just from working with women over the years. you learn to swim with the sharks or drown. i had great education from 10 years as a flight attendant with the airlines.
    it could be brutal! anyway any suggestions out there to help me
    decide? i haven't found my niche in nursing yet, besides good $$
    and wanting to only work minimum cause they use and abuse you! after 8 years i still don't know what i would like to do for a specialty but know that's where the future is. also or has even better potential. [font=courier new]