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  1. Need information, protocols, procedures or any online information, experience about setting up a basic OR training course for newcomers in our field.

    Any kind of help is appreciated :kiss
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  3. by   rnor
    The OR that I trained in had a pretty neat set up. The first thing we had to learn was sterile technique for the OR, then the basic OR room set-up ( sterile fields etc.), the next level was prepping the patients for different procedures,which was started out on a dummy, then patients in the OR. The next level was instruments, packing, cleaning, and sterilizing them, we were also taught about sterilizers (testing etc.), finally we learned how to scrub for a case, and last but not least we were put into the OR rooms, in each services such as General Surgery, Ortho. etc. this is where the nurse over that service taught us the ropes so to speak. All this learning came with classroom work too, we spent 3 monthes or more if needed in each area ( more or less) depending on how fast you could pick things up..and you had to pass a medication tests for the OR. Like I said we had a main educator, then the RN's took over when you started rotating the services.