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    I am a pre-nursing student and have a question. After I go to Nursing School I plan on being a OR Nurse. So do OR Nurses get there training in hospitals where they are going to work or what? :spin:

    Much appreciated.

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  3. by   Scrubby
    My experience has been on the job training and being thrown in the deep end. The university i attended did not really focus on OR nursing at all.
  4. by   mikethern
    You'll be lucky if you get to even watch a real surgery case.

    If you really want to work in the operating room, I recommend you get your foot in the door now as a nursing student by applying for any type of job in the operating room such as housekeeper, nurses aide, surgical tech, anesthesia tech, or secretary. If you do, and you do a good job, you are almost guaranteed to get a job there as a nurse when you graduate. You'll also get to see what it is really like in the operating room before you become a nurse.
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