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  1. I am graduating a RN Nursing Program in 4 WEEKS! I have been shadowing various units in the hospital where I plan to work. I enjoy the OR the most out of any units I have been too, but I am worried about limiting myself in the future. Are there advancements for OR nurses besides management opportunities?

    Originally I had wanted to work on a high risk antepartum/postpartm med/surg unit (or the NICU) and then eventually go on to get either my women's health NP or neonatal NP; but the med/surg unit does not have any openings and I liked the OR a lot.

    Any advice/information is greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   decartes
    I'm curious about this also.
  4. by   Rezidentura
    I think OR jobs are interconnected with a few places.
    For instance: Infection Control departments tend to employee nurses and the OR works with IC quite a bit; Quality Assurance departments same deal.

    There is Nurse Educator which tends to be a higher level position

    Nurse team Leader, Nurse Clinical Coordinator these are all jobs I've seen in my current hospital. Dont' forget, you develop a very personal relationship with the Surgeons in the O.R. I think more so than on the floor. This allows you the chance to network to achieve desireable postions in Office and Clinics.
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