OR Interview: Questions for interviewer & interviewee

  1. i am applying for an OR 101 training program...long distance, meaning possible phone interviews. I have a list of questions to ask, However my list is short and I want to have back up questions. Please share others questions that you have asked or would expect the interviewee to ask during an OR interview. Also what where some questions you have been asked during OR nursing interview? how did you answer it? The current questions I have surround professional development, scheduling, orientation/training, staff interaction....Thanks -M
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  3. by   mangatron
    I worked as a care partner for 2 years in the same OR I ended up accepting an internship position in. The manager actually told me that he preferred it when applicants had fewer questions. His opinion was that more questions mean you didn't do your homework about the facility or program. I'm not 100% sure I agree with that, but make sure you dont ask anything that you can get from their website.

    - Ask about call and self-scheduling.
    - Ask if you will be required to join a "specialty team" or if you will be floating to all specialties
    - Ask about committees within the unit, if that is something you would be interested in joining
    - Ask about who will actually be orienting you during the internship. Do they put new people with experienced orienters or a warm body. OR are there travelers in the environment that could be teaching you? Some people are horrible teachers.
    - My hospital requires ALL new nurses to participate in a year-long simultaneous Nurse Residency Program. This coupled with a 6 month OR internship and 3 additional months of team orientation was annoying to say the least.. Maybe you could ask if a hospital NRP is in place and if it is required.

    This post might be coming late, but thats my 2 cents.
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    Thank you. I asked those same questions and some....I like the question on specialty requirement I didn't get that specific.