OB Scrub or Mohs

  1. I am debating between two positions:
    LPN Family Birthing Center position assisting with c-sections, vag births, newborn hearing screenings 1-2 days a week, rotating day/night shift with every 3rd weekend and rotating holidays.
    multi-specialty surgery clinic assisting with MOHs, cross-training as a histotech (cutting specimens and processing them for the surgeon to examine borders and margins), lesion removals, sclerotherapy, and plastic consults and minor cosmetic procedures 3-4 days a week, no nights, weekends or holidays.

    My experience is in the clinic setting including plastics and urgent care and have additional education in surgical technology. I have never worked in the hospital or have done rotating or night shifts. The pay and benefits are all comparable. My youngest is in high school, so my schedule is flexible.

    Is the OB position going to be high stress/pressure, or does it become second nature with experience? Do most techs or LPN's use this role as a stepping stone while furthering their degree, or do some stay in it long term?

    Is it stressful to work with such small tissue specimens with MOHs and always working with the same age group of patients? I am hoping to stay long term with either one.

    Any my feedback is much appreciated. I need to respond to the clinic tomorrow.
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