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  1. Irish guy here, starting my first job as a registered nurse on the 18th (Sept) in a post operative recovery room. Any advice / tips / money would be very grateful!!! (Joke about the money)!

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  3. by   Lara911
    Not really in a good place to give advice, I'm new in perioperative care but just want to wish you good luck! What I can say is that when I take the patient to Recovery, usually with the anesthetist, he give a report about the surgery and which IV are going, me I always tell the nurse if the pt is allergic to something, if there is any medical condition like diabetic or hypertension, special precautions, if there any drains or special care for the dressing(need to be careful with small drains under dressing)...They first give the oxygen, check the IV, plug in the blood pressure machine (never on the side of mastectomy for example), and cover pt with warm blanket...after I'm gone so I don't know, but pain management and vitals evaluation is a big part of their concerns...Goodluck to you and enjoy this job! Girls I know in recovery love that!!