New Grad peri-op RN

  1. Can anyone provide advice/tips on what to expect as a Peri-Op plastic Surgery RN. This will be in a private practice with 3 internal OR's. I am a recent grad. What are some common medications, skills, that I should study/ practice? Has anyone here started their career in OR?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    AN actually has an entire forum dedicated just to the OR. You should check it out:

    One of my articles geared towards those new to the OR: Tips for New Operating Room Nurses
  4. by   MEINstudent
    Are you getting an orientation? Usually you start with the AORN periop 101 online course, followed by a precepted orientation.
  5. by   ColdHandsWarmHeart
    No, only precepted orientation
  6. by   ColdHandsWarmHeart
    Thanks a million!