New grad in OT! Help!

  1. I'm a new grad nurse starting in the OT in a few weeks time (I've been told I've been placed in vascular at this point).

    I haven't had any real experience in OT, just watched a few surgeries when I've been on surgical wards.

    If anyone has any tips about how to handle this and make it out the other side of the nerves and newness, or have experience in this area I'd love to hear about it! Any key things I should focus on for a start?
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  3. by   flower123456
    Hopefully you have a good preceptor. I would not had made it out without her. I'm still in the OR after 5 years but I'm in the ENT plastics team. Take it one day at a time and remember that you will not know everything and it will take about a year before you feel like you know why you are doing. I would first focus on being able to set up the RN part of room by yourself and bringing the patient back. Then you can work on knowing where instruments are and helping your ST.