Lpn/lvn Grads In The Or?

  1. I live in Los Angeles, and will be graduating from LPN/LVN program in June and was wondering what my chances are working in the OR? Do hospitals actually hire LPN's in the OR setting? How much preceptorship would I need?
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  3. by   grimmy
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    i live in los angeles, and will be graduating from lpn/lvn program in june and was wondering what my chances are working in the or? do hospitals actually hire lpn's in the or setting? how much preceptorship would i need?

    [font=book antiqua]some of the scrubs i work with are lpns. they can only be in the scrub role, akin to a surgical technician (at least here in virginia). i don't know what the law is in ca, but you can check on your state's web site. i'm not really sure how much preceptor time you'd need, but i'd say at a minimum, 6 months. check with the hospitals in your area. good luck!
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    Up here in Canada, its a specialty. Extra training after graduation and a minimum number of employed hours (depends on the province). Known as Operating Room Technician.