Job interview as a new grad in Pediatric OR! NEED ADVICE

  1. I just got a call today about an interview in the OR for Friday and I am terrified! Just a little background about me. I graduated in 2009 with an Associates and got the first job I interviewed for on a MED surg/Ortho unit. Long story short a few weeks after, I found out I was pregnant and was immediately put on bed rest and never got to work as a nurse. My son was born in 2010 with major medical problems(congenital heart defect) and that stopped me from getting a job until now.

    First I have no idea about anything related to the OR. I'm not sure what all the nurses do and from reading a lot of posts on this site the OR nurse can do a lot of different things such as scrub nurse or circulating. Also, this is in a Children's hospital and the hospital my son had open heart surgery at.

    Not sure exactly how to prepare for this interview. On my interview for med surg/ortho, I was asked several different scenarios about how I would handle a certain patient. They know I do not have any experience and I'm trying to figure out what to review. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I only have 4 days to prepare.
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