Implants or Meds

  1. Hello all.

    Query: What are the parameters you use for documenting, intraoperatively, the meds/devices used during a procedure?

    Ex: Cryolife Bioglue, Genzyme FocalSeal, sterile talc, hemostatic agents, etc.

    Some product literature indicates they are devices and others are medications.

    What does your facility do to document the use of such products?

    We have two areas of documentation:1)the implant record 2) the intraop medication reocrd.

    Thanks all.
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  3. by   kathrynlynn
    I have worked at 4 different facilities and they all listed these products under the medication sheet. If you want a wider response, you might throw out the same question on AORN's membertalk or on another forum for periop

    Have a great day!

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