Ideal Perioperative Nursing Job

  1. Just curious - if you could design your perfect job in perioperative nursing, what would it be? What would it look like? How would your time be split?

    As for me, I would love to have a role that had a teaching component, and the balance split between Level I trauma operative nursing and high-risk CT cases.

    • Lecturing: i would love to lecture to new OR nurses (maybe even OR Nurse Residents) on etiquette, excellence and opportunity that exists behind the mask.
    • Level I Trauma: I loved my trauma rotation - the feeling that I get when you hear a Stat OR Trauma is en-route is a feeling like none other. Knowing that you are basically tasked with bringing somebody back to life is an incredible challenge and privilege. I've been able to gear up and run out to the helipad a few times and I'll never forget that rush - helipad to O.R.
    • High-Risk CT: The heart is such a fascinating muscle and the interactivity it has within our entire body's vitality is absolutely amazing. I never truly understood that until I scrubbed a thoracoabdominal case.
  2. Poll: Ideal Perioperative Nursing Job Would Include...

    • A Teaching Component

      50.00% 1
    • A Clinical Component (Circulating)

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    • A Clinical Component (Scrub)

      50.00% 1
    • Working in a High Stress, High-Acuity Surgical Specialty

      50.00% 1
    • Retirement

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