how to become a surgical nurse?

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    I'm a 25 yr old dude who recently (august) graduated from a 4 year university and earned my BS in health promotion/pre-nursing with an occupational safety& health minor with about a 3.0gpa. I am planning on attending a BSN program next year(this fall) at a private nursing college.
    I recently (last week) got a job at a regeneration clinic. Our firm handles the removal of eyes, kidney,bone and skin tissue,.. ect. Although I'm in training at the moment, I will be assisting in the removal of donor organs from dead and willing clients in about a month. I also have a state certification as a sub-teacher specializing in high school students. In addition, I will be getting my CNA this winter.I would like to get my CNA in hopes that I could get hired by a hospital that will help me out with the cost of obtaining by BSN.
    Are these credentials a good start for me to advance into administration or the OR as a surgical nurse? Also, do hospitals have any positions that I would be eligible for with out getting my CNA?...prolly not, huh?
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    Willing organ donors?
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    I replied to your other post on the same topic. Check it out.