How does call work?

  1. How does call work at your facility? How many callsA week? And weekends? Are there 24 or 48 hour calls? Do you have an open heart team?

    Do elective cases get added even if they
    Aren't emergencies despite understaffing?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    For our general OR: 1 8-hour shift per week, a combo of 2-3 work/call shifts on weekends (every 4th)
    For our cardiac team: a lot. Every 4th weekend 3pm Friday to 7am Monday. 1-2 16-hour shifts per week. 2-3 2nd call (3pm-6pm unless 2 rooms still running, then until 1 room finishes) per week.

    Add ons are divided into 3 categories: emergent (needs an OR NOW!), urgent (needs an OR this shift), add on (needs an OR within 24 hours). Surgeons can add as many as they like. Emergent gets priority over everything, urgent gets priority over add on. Just because there's more cases to go doesn't mean we keep running all the ORs. We gradually wind down, and those add ons have to wait their turn. Sometimes the surgeons just put them on for the next day. We do have one OR that is reserved for add ons only during day shift. No scheduled cases can be put in that room.