Help! Im LPN with 5yrs scrub experience...

  1. If anyone has any information where I could get my certification for Surgical Tech without having to take classes/course. I have contacted and they are supposed to be getting back with me on challenging the TS-C test, but If someone else that is in the same situation, or has any information please post or pm me. I was hired in my job as LPN/Scrub on 6/22/01 and have been performing all the duties as surgical tech but would like to receive my certification. We are in the process of moving like 2hrs from here and there is some jobs posted for surgical techs, but for certified surgical techs and I guess the "on the job trained" is becoming a thing of the past. Any information would be greatly appreciated. May God bless, Teetertot
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Only thing i have to offer: Make sure too look a little closer at scrub positions postings. Some will say "Must be CST, will consider LPNs". That's what some of University of Virginia's job postings have said.