First travel assignment

  1. Hello all! I am 4 weeks into my first travel assignment. I come from a surgical department with 36 OR's & the hospital I am at is only 12, but they are still a level 2 trauma center. I have been asked multiple times to give versed in pre-op by anesthesia, I am not used to this, nor have I ever given it so I always tell them sorry I'm not comfortable with that. My question is, as an OR nurse are we allowed to give versed or other meds that anesthesia draws up? I just don't feel right about this. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   dchicurn
    The answer is no. Do not give what anyone else has drawn up, period. Also you need to be trained in monitoring and moderate sedation. I have 13 years of ICU under my belt and I'd never give something someone else has drawn up unless I witnessed it. No CRNA I have worked with has ever asked me to give their meds for them. I'd check the policy on that also.