CVOR average call hours

  1. I'm trying to gather information concerning the number of call hours and call pay that CVOR nurses take/make. Specifically the number of shifts per month, call rate of pay, is call pay still paid if worked and is time and a half paid for call or just if over 40 hours per week? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    I would say that's very facility dependent. Are you currently a CVOR nurse looking to compare your facility to others? Thinking of the CVOR as a career?
  4. by   belladaisyjoy
    Yes, I'm looking to compare facilities and to see what is trending.
  5. by   Trappergirl
    I make $3 per hour while on call and time and a half if I work any of those hours even if it is not overtime. We have a small heart team so I take a lot of call usually 15 days per month.
  6. by   belladaisyjoy
    Thank you!