1. I'm interested in learning about other hospitals' policy on obtaining informed consent for surgical procedures. Currently we have a policy in effect which states it is the Dr.'s sole responsibility to obtain the informed consent and the RN is to act as a witness. He may write an order for the exact wording of the consent and have the nurse get it signed. If the nurse ascertains that the pt does not understand she is not to have the pt sign it and is to call the DR. who is to explain further. We have nurses getting consents with no order, just copying it off the OR schedule. We have incorrect consents, wrong side, incomplete or incorrect procedure, etc. Some of the Docs get the consents signed in the office when they see the pt. These are most generally the most correct ones. Is anyone else out there having similar problems? When the circulator checks the consent prior to admitting the pt to the OR it is a real problem to get a new consent at the last minute, and sometimes the pt has been medicated. I would like to hear about other policies and/or problems and how they were resolved.

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