Conscious sedation

  1. Looking for any info on conscious sedation monitoring in a holding area prior to surgery. Especially PO Versed given to pedi pts.
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  3. by   yankeecamper
    Our pts are given O2 @ 2L and placed on the sat monitor when they are given IV Versed in our preop. This is a policy written by anesthesia. However, this is not considered conscious sedation. They are given 1-2 mg IVP to relieve anxiety. Conscious sedation is used in our facility only during certain procedures, such as cataract surgery, podiatry surgery, cardioversions, and more.

    Children are not monitored, but their parents are instructed not to leave the child and the child is in clear view of the staff at all times. If the child falls asleep we would monitor their sat.
  4. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Our facility does not consider it conscious sedation when versed or another anti anxiety agent is given preoperatively. There is a RN in the holding area but no O2 or monitoring equipment is used.

    Now during the administration of Conscious sedation for a procedure such as a colonoscopy or surgical procedure, they get cardio-respiratory monitoring and airway management to main tain a patent airway. After the procedure, they are recovered in PACU under the same criteria as any other surgical patient that recieved anesthesia.