Calculating EBL for Cardiac Cases

  1. Can anyone share how EBL is calculated for cardiac cases in your hospitals?

    Is cell-saver salvaged blood calculated into the EBL? Why or why not?

    Thanks in advance!
    UAB Hospital
    Birmingham, AL
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  3. by   heartincalif

    I dont know all the factors that are involved in EBL for cardiac and vascular cases. But this is what i was told by a circulating nurse that works in the heart room. IF blood returns to the PT. via the cell saver it does not reduce their EBL. Their returned blood is added in but i dont know if its added as fluids or actual blood transfusions. I am a newby of about 6 months and still learning stuff. Anyway thats about i know about it...
    Hope it helps!

  4. by   jwk
    Blood loss is blood loss.

    The amount returned from the cellsaver is noted, just like IV fluids, FFP, banked blood products, colloids, etc.