Burnt out

  1. After 2 years in ortho I have totally allowed myself to burn out! I have been on sick leave for 3 weeks and am signed off for 4 weeks more. I am dreading the thot of having to go back, in fact just thinking about it makes me nauseaus, but there are no jobs here at present.

    I could move to another city, live closer to my daughter and try again, but would it be any different?

    I am so disilussioned and tired! I went into nursing to help people, and I spend my days dealing with people who live by the law of minimum effort, pushing power and politics.
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  3. by   inspir8tion
    Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. Maybe a new city and closer to your daughter would benefit you in many ways. Or, perhaps you could try another specialty?
  4. by   corvette1973
    If you want to go back to patient care, then become a visiting nurse. You will spend your time with your patients & your ortho experience will come in pretty handy. Your administration will expect you to be out in the community with your patients, & you'll get the bedside care you want. Plus the hours are better & the politics are pretty much nil.