biopsy forceps for endoscopy procedures

  1. The biopsy forceps that we are currently using, after processing are inadequate. I would be interested in hearing about forceps, that you use, need to know who makes them.
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  3. by   george57
    We use disposable forceps from Microvasive. Cook Endoscopy and US endoscopy also have good forceps that would work well.
  4. by   bifurcated
    Have used COOK bx we use Olympus...our scopes are Olympus too. Good luck....... if you are attempting to re-use your forceps, it is just not good. Hard to clean.... they do not hold up to any kind of usage and are expensive to repair. Go disposable.:spin:
  5. by   RN Zeke
    Your scopes probably have a particular brand that is user friendly to them. This will make them user friendly to the Dr. and make most associates happy to a certain degree! Check with the scope company for recommendations and maybe free trial usage also.