Best method of learning perioperative skills

  1. I am an experienced peds nurse (13 yrs) currently not employed (since 6/99). In Oct '99 I had the opportunity to work in an orphanage in Meizhou, China on a mission team. Now I am very interested in becoming a perioperative nurse so that after gaining experience in that speciality, I can become a surg team member of Operation Smile. From an experienced OR nurse, what is the best way to gain these new skills necessary? Some hospitals have preceptorships for new grads, but I'm not sure this my best option. I have found a perioperative nurse certificate course at an area college. I think this is probably a good option. What is your opinion. Replies would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   vleecnor
    What is your best option?

    A preceptorship/internship and the certificate. The preceptorship will allow you practice the skills needed to become a great O.R./perioperative nurse. The certification class will give the theory and knowledge base of the skills needed. From my experience, knowledge base/theory + practiced skills makes a well-rounded and educated O.R./perioperative nurse

  4. by   passionate
    I agree--a program with certificate is helpful, then practice, practice, practice.