Any OR educators out there???

  1. I am currently pursuing an OR educator position in a very large OR (21 rooms). If any OR educators have any advice, would appreciate it :0)

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  3. by   RobtheORNurse
    I worked in a multi facility health system that had a total of 55 operating rooms. I was not an official educator but worked intensely with our OR educators, we had 5. I was the technology resource nurse and did all of the education on the video, navigation systems, lasers and other energy based devices. The advice I would give is to always be sure you have current information before presenting anything, and utilize the resources available to you. Nearly every company that supply Operating Rooms have educators, use them to come and present on topics regarding their devices, they are the experts. Concentrate on current trends, evidence based practices, and current standards and relay this information to your staff routinely. Build a network of other educators and use this to keep current. LinkedIn has several nurse educator groups that help build networks. Stay current with AORN standards and recommended practices. Good luck.