age range for HCG?

  1. What age range is the HCG test required?
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  3. by   openheartmary
    We require testing for women until two years past their last menses, unless, of course, they have had a hysterectomy.
  4. by   loricatus
    Till 55 or having had a TOTAL hysterectomy.
  5. by   nurseboudin
    It varies with every facility. In mine, we test up to 52 1/2, unless the patient has had a hysterectomy.
  6. by   maeyken
    I don't know of a specific age. Pretty much everyone who is going for a hysterectomy has one done, either urine or blood. (unless for example they have no ovaries already... or something like that). Also done for endometrial ablations, etc. Not done routinely for non-gyne surgeries.
  7. by   morte
    hmm 52.5 sounds young.....since the mean for menapause is 51......and what about a lower cutoff?
    i am sure we have all heard about the 9/10 year old that was pregnant.....
  8. by   karebear74
    I work in the peds or and we start testing at age 10. And in my area it is the norm age.
  9. by   muffin7
    Age 10 to menopause or hysterectomy.