50 year old intern in the CVOR

  1. We have a new intern who is 50 yrs old.She forgets everything which i taught her a day before.She wants to do only hearts.How to train her?any thoughts?
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  3. by   SandraCVRN
    First of all never mention her age again. To anyone!!! That is a great way to get a discrimination suit filed.

    Next, did you remember everything day to day in the beginning? I started in the CVOR at 49 and became lead at 54.

    So what is your point? Has she been through any other rotations? Would you like to start over on what the problems may be, personality conflict, different teaching/learning styles.....

    Not trying to be a hard you know what........
  4. by   ORoxyO
    I went through a similar situation with a person I was training and it was very frustrating. She always claimed she was never told things but she just didn't remember. I would encourage her to write everything down so she can refer to her notes. Those little notebooks of index cards are handy for this.
  5. by   krwrnbsn
    People learn differently no matter what their age. It depends on past experiences, values, beliefs and opinions.

    1)visual leaner: "show me" is their motto
    2)auditory/aural learner: "tell me" is their motto
    3)tactile/ kinesthetic leaner: "let me do it" is their motto (this is my style)

    This is just bit of helpful info that we use in our RN residency program.

    It is your job as her preceptor to listen, give feedback, develop a sense of trust, allow her to vent, identify conflict and confusion, and PROTECT them. It is an awesome responsibility but we must train our new OR nurses to have to be positive role models.

    Also, setting goals is a great way to support your new orientee. At the beginning of the week she will be able to do __________.

    Good luck
  6. by   MARIAN1705
    new teaher?c
  7. by   Ruby Vee

    And her age is relevent because? Perhaps she just needs a better teacher?
  8. by   nurseboudin
    Sounds like we are the halfway mark to an age discrimination comment.
  9. by   clarkheart
    I was 53 when I started working in CVOR after being a cardiac critical care nurse for 12 years. Not sure what you are implying. I learned a long time ago age is irrelevant. Some of the smartest RN's I've every met were just pups out of nursing school and some of the dumbest had been nurses over 20 years. Could be the teacher has some adjusting to do.
  10. by   MrChicagoRN
    Quote from dlzk123
    We have a new intern who is 50 yrs old.She forgets everything which i taught her a day before.She wants to do only hearts.How to train her?any thoughts?
    Didn't you post previously about conflicts with your coworkers, all over 50, who you felt were angry with you because you are pregnant?

    Would you feel any differently about this new team member if she was under 50? Under 40? 30?

    I just noticed this post is about 6 weeks old.

    Did things get better, for both of you?
  11. by   Rose_Queen
    I see no relevance in her age. How long have you been an OR nurse? Did you receive education on how to be a preceptor? Do others who have worked with this nurse had the same problem? Sometimes, it's not the intern who is the problem. Some nurses were never cut out to precept. And judging by some of your other posts, it seems as though you have problems getting along with other coworkers.
  12. by   dlzk123
    sorry for delayed reply.I was on maternity leave and some of the replies really disappointed me.I am not a person to judge if I am a good preceptor or not.But what about if other preceptors complaints same things about same candidate.When I went back after my maternity leave she moved to floor because of her poor performance in the OR.To mrchicagoRN,I never had problems with adjusting with anyone,its just because we are only limited people in our team to cover calls.