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Only 5 Minute Briefing Time Allowed Before Shift


My Agency has a policy to arrive 15 min prior to shift and I know this has been the policy of most companies they are contracted with for the reason of briefing and so forth. This past week I went to a Home Hospice assignment and during my shift I was reading the Home Hospice company policies that the patient was under, it said shift is to begin 5 minutes prior for briefing.

I had done several cases for this same company about 18 months ago and the policy use to be 15 minutes. I feel this policy is another penny pitching method. I do know if the patient were a repeat perhaps 5 minutes would be enought time, and I also don't want to use the "I am Agency" excuse should there be a conflict. I will rebuttal that my company policy is 15 minutes should a issue arrise. It just irritates me and I could beat a dead hoarse with my thoughts on this.

My question is - has anyone-else seen this? What are your thoughts?

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