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Online sources or tips for maternity?

Hey y'all. I'm a third quarter LPN student with a so far 3.9 gpa absolutely struggling in maternity. It's maddening. I spend hours studying this stuff just to have failed my first two exams.

Im doing it the same way I always have. I'm reading, highlighting and constructing my own notes on massive chapters, over 100 pages of material at a time but they usually correlate pretty well with each other.

NCLEX style questioning is nothing new at this point but the questions while some are knowledge based having to do with pharm or AP, some of them are like intervention based. I've been great so far with care plans/maps and like I said have pulled pretty much all As this far and I need to figure out something ASAP. Any tips for things online that could help or specific outlets? I've used pro profs before and quizlet but I've dabbled and they don't seem to be in the same type of format or these "intervention based" questions my teacher loves.

The book my instructor uses is introduction to maternal and pediatric nursing 7th edition if that makes a difference. She doesn't use ATU at all. It's published by elsevier.

Thanks so much for any tips or even some encouragement.


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