Online RPN to RN via Nipissing University


Hi! I was wondering if anyone did the bridging program from RPN to RN online thru Nipissing University? I was hoping to do that once I become an RPN and heard you can do this full-time online in a span of 3 years.

But I emailed Nipissing University about it and they told me that they only offer the online program part time so you would do this in a span of 5 years.

I heard someone said they did this online full-time in 3 years. Just wondering…


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Its only offered FT in person. Doing it

Through distance ed can only be done PT (2 classes a semester). If you complete the first semester you can get permission to do 3 or more classes. I do my electives through Athabasca as well.


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Thank you for your information:)