Veterans preference?

  1. Hello all. I have a question that I was hoping you would be able to offer some insight into. I am finishing my prereqs at a community college and have applied to TWU in Houston. I've been accepted into the university and will be applying for the BSN program in Sep, and will find out the result in November. I take the TEAS this summer. I have a 3.7 GPA, which according to my research, is not as high as it should be. However, I served 10 years active duty as an Air Force combat medic and am now serving part time in the TX Air National Guard while I go to school. Nowhere on their website does it indicate how they view veterans but I am hoping that will give me somewhat of an advantage? They don't require an essay or references so there is no way to really let them know of my experiences. Any info that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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