UCO Spring '18

  1. I applied to UCO for Spring 2018. I was curious to see if anyone else on here applied.
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  3. by   mtn1220
    I applied too. I keep checking the older UCO forums to give myself reassurance but I'm not sure with my grades. I have a 3.6 overall, 4.0 last 30 hours, 2.8 science, and 80 TEAS. These next weeks will be long.
  4. by   Marason
    You have a good shot of getting in, I think. The average GPA for last semester was a little over 3.6 and the advisor said an 80% was competitive. It's great to talk to someone who understands all of these crazy emotions.
  5. by   duney
    Anyone that was accepted making it to the Nov. 10 meeting? I'm scheduled to be out of town that day and was hoping someone going may be able to pick up materials for me? Thank you!
  6. by   Marason
    I will be there. Are you able to send messages on here? I don't think I can yet.
  7. by   duney
    Hi Marason, mind emailing me at osudoon@gmail.com and can figure things out there because I don't have enough comments for a PM on here yet either.