SJRSC spring 2018

  1. Is anyone thinking of applying for St John's River State College for the spring of 2018? I haven't seen anything on it yet. They are doing a new system with either the GPA or the HESI. I'm quite nervous. Anyone know how many applicants they had last term?
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  3. by   Kourtneytbell
    I haven't seen any applications up for it either yet. Have you found them or do they not go up until the first of September?
  4. by   Plewi007
    Does anyone know how long it will be till we will hear a response from the school about acceptance?
  5. by   Kourtneytbell
    When I called, they said we'd know in October so hopefully soon!!
  6. by   kallmf
    I applied for spring as well! I can't wait to hear a response! Goodluck everyone
  7. by   Kourtneytbell
    Yesss good luck to everyone!! Can't wait for everyone to hear back if you guys don't mind sharing, did you guys apply with Hesi or GPA?
  8. by   kallmf
    I went with my GPA!