Roseman University (Henderson) ABSN February 2018

  1. Hello, I have been accepted in Roseman University's ABSN program for the February 2018 cohort. Anyone else? Maybe we can form a group on Facebook!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   paisling
    We have a combined Henderson & South Jordan thread here: Roseman University ABSN Spring 2018
  5. by   Martin095
    Let's get this group page started!
  6. by   Hopefulnurse96
    Roseman University ABSN February 2018 - Henderson

    I just created this group on FB for anyone who got accepted into Feb's cohort in Henderson!
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  7. by   acampbell68
    Hi, I'll be starting in the same cohort as you are. I didn't find the FB page you created. I also sent you a friend request on here. see you Wednesday!