RN to BSN Drexel University ONLINE

  1. Hi everyone
    I will be attending drexels rn to bsn online starting in Sept. Ive been a med/surg nurse for almost 5 years and while Im excited about going to back to school I am slao SCARED TO DEATH Ive never taken any classes online but with working nights and 2 kids I dont have any other options
    I plan to take a pharmacology and statistics class at Bucks County Community college, one this summer, most likely Pharm

    Jump in and lets get to know each other
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  3. by   LIG RN
    Hi, I will be starting also at the same time-----------------
  4. by   EleniRN
    Hi there! I am starting at the same time too! Please feel free to keep in touch.. would love to! My email is helenkava@gmail.com It would be great to have some 'buddies'
  5. by   TiffRN8411
    dmv--- How is the quarter going so far for you? I started the program in September also, I think for the winter I will only take 2 classes; three is a lot to handle!