RN bridge Temple college 2018

  1. Hey everyone! Im reaching out to any one applying to the bridging program starting in 2018. I seen that TC will be starting the apps. October 30, 2017.
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  3. by   bela_78
    Hi! I am applying to bridge as well. Don't know when the letters will go out but hopefully we get in. I just now completed all requirements to transfer out to Tarleton as well after our getting RN. Best wishes to you and good luck!! I graduated LVN with them in 2014 and hope to get in and out!! Grades are all!!! Grades need to be impeccable it's a competitive program for sure!
  4. by   Wnolan19
    Hey guys I applied for the RN bridge program starting in May! Have you guys heard anything about when the email/letters will be sent out? When I turned my App in in December she said end of January or beginning of February!
  5. by   bela_78
    beccagonzo83..I am excited. I got in!! How did you do?
  6. by   bela_78
    Wnolan19 did you hear anything? I got in!!