Personal Statement - Trouble starting!

  1. I am not sure if I am posting in the right sections.

    I was wondering if past applicants, current students or other members have applied for Samuel Merritt University? I am currently brainstorming what to write for my personal statement, but am having trouble with how the tone of my writing should be (professional? down to earth? funny? serious?). I am wondering if there were past applicants that can share their personal statements so I can get an idea of how others are approaching the questions? If not, general tips for personal statements are also appreciated!!!

    Please elaborate on any community or school activities, academic honors, relevant continuing education courses, publications, etc. that you would like us to consider in evaluating your application. (250-300 words)

    Please describe your professional or volunteer work experiences. We are particularly interested in recent (within the past five years) experiences that are related to the healthcare field and have contributed to your interest in nursing. (250-300 words)

    What motivates you to pursue nursing as a profession? What prepares you to study in the accelerated academic environment of the ABSN program? (250-300 words)
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