Orangeburg Calhoun tech ADN

  1. Has anyone applied for Spring 2019 ADN program? If so have you heard anything back from Oc tech?
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  3. by   keem92
    I applied earlier this months still havent heard anything,have you?
  4. by   Diiam26
    I called last Friday I was accepted. I was told they received some of the packets back and have not got a chance to contact everyone yet.
  5. by   keem92
    Congratulations, I will give it another week or two. Did you get into the fall or spring. How many points did you have if you dont mind me asking.
  6. by   Diiam26
    Thanks! Spring I was told that fall is full. I did the Teas test option I made an 82 I believe I had 25 points.
  7. by   keem92
    Okay I had 35 points who did u have to contact.
  8. by   Diiam26
    I call student services & they transferred me. I don't remember who I talked to.
  9. by   keem92
    Okay thanks.
  10. by   Diiam26
    Did you hear back?
  11. by   keem92
    Not yet.