Online DNP/DrNP Admission Requirements at Drexel University

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    I am currently pursuing my ADN.Ultimately I want to become an NP. I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology I was looking at Drexel's RN-MSN program with bridge courses to get my NP. But with the requirements for many schools to move from MSN to DNP for NP education, I thought maybe I should just go straight for the NP. I looked at Drexel's new DNP/DrNP program online which is in response to the AACN requirements to have DNP for NPs but their requirements seemed vague. They ask for additional certification for advanced practice nursing, as if that is optional. I emailed them to ask for clarification and they basically said you need an MSN before you can go into their DNP program. That seems a little ridiculous and just an added step. I thought you either choose Master's or Doctorate, not have to go through on to get to the other. Does this seem odd to anyone else or is this normal in the world of nursing? Can anyone recommend a good RN-DNP program in the Philadelphia area or online?
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