Northeastern ABSN - fall 2018

  1. I just applied to Northeastern's ABSN program to start September of 2018! I am still impatiently waiting a decision.. has anyone else applied for this cohort??
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  3. by   keto
    Hey hope you got in
    I just got accepted but idk which campus I was assigned? It just says admitted to Bouve, do you find out after u pay the deposit?
  4. by   brv16
    I was accepted too! The Bouvé campus is the Burlington campus I believe!
  5. by   keto
    I thought the same thing but I saw this, confused now :/ Accelerated BSN Program | Northeastern University - Charlotte
  6. by   brv16
    I would definitely talk to your admissions advisor for clarity!
  7. by   keto
    Yeah, so I got into Boston
    Do you know of anyone else in the program. Would help to have some sort of Facebook group I think
  8. by   katetreanor
    Hi guys! I was just admitted for Fall 2018 also! Super excited to start the program. We should totally make a Facebook.
  9. by   keto
    sounds good would love to join 👍